We believe in nature

World quality in the domestic market

The total cold storage  capacity of 7,500 tons allows us to keep the high quality, continuity, and flexibility in production.  In Bosnaplod 7,000 tons of fruit are annually produced or bought and a large part of  these products are sold for industrial consumption as B2B (business to business) products. In addition to fruit production, in 2017 we launched the Kulin brand and under this brand we produce juices and jams of 100% or a high percentage  of fruit.

We primarily export our products to European Union countries, but also to the United States, United Arab Emirates, and the Western Balkans.

Following global trends which indicate the rapid growth and demand of Wild products, Bosnaplod is actively engaged in this segment of production as well. We are favorable  for the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in such high quality products. Bosnaplod has certified checkpoints throughout BiH that allow us to collect  wild berries  for processing and storage at our own facilities. The offer of wild berries products includes blueberry and blackberry. All our products are certified by Ecocert.

Our wild berries are smaller but sweeter than cultivated berries, with a maximum of three times more berries per kilogram, with higher levels of useful polyphenols.