About Us

DR August Heimer


Brcko, the future Bosnian Hamburg, was dressed in festive attire to receive long-distance travelers, so the first impression they received when meeting the new country and its population was extremely favorable.

The importance and significance of Brcko as a trading city is increasing every year. Prunes are set as the noblest of merchandise. If the year is rich in plums, smokers smoke everywhere, and then endless rows of all possible types of vehicles are heavily loaded with plums to Brcko. This modest small fruit is the most important source of income for the whole region. In less yielding years, plums worth about half a million crowns are exported from Brcko, and in the years of high yield, up to three million. During the big week-long plum market in and around the city, a hectic life pulsates. Foreign buyers from various countries flock here, money is turning, music is heard all over cafes and restaurants, and on the vast plain around Brcko, peasants run their large livestock and grain markets. The population on both sides of the river of Sava in their colorful colorful national costumes ripples the streets and enjoy the evening in soft plum brandy and sweet fried pumpkins. Rejoicing in local entertainment.


Tradition and innovation of Bosnian-Herzegovinian quality

Bosnaplod has been the generator of agricultural production in Brcko and its neighboring communities surrounding towns for decades, and this tradition continues today.

The company’s core business is the processing of stone fruits and berries.

Thanks to innovative technologies and years of experience, we offer our customers the highest quality products, in case  it is frozen, dried or thermally processed fruit.

A turning point in our history occurred in 2015 when  ZERAA Investment Fund made an acquisition and decided to invest significant funds in the reconstruction and modernization of the company. We have modernized production facilities and plantations. Additionally, we improved the quality of the products and also made an acquisition of a new cold storage in Begov Han in 2018 for the purchase of berries

We  support the agricultural development and the development of small family businesses and we are proud to say that our products are 100% homegrown. We have established cooperation with 3,000 subcontractors supplying us on annual basis with around 2,000 tons of raspberries, 6,000 tons of sour cherries and over 3,000 tons of plums and other cultivars. Beside fruit purchasing, we have 150 hectares of our own plantations.



Following the acquisition by Dubai Investment Fund in 2015, plantations were reconstructed and new plants were planted. Infrastructure and production facilities were upgraded. We have launched a new brand - Kulin.

150 hectares of our own plantations

Primary production

Our plantations are located in northern and central parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina which are suitable for growing various types of continental fruits. Our plantations are dominated by sour cherry plantations, but we also grow strawberries, plums, apples and aronia. The plantations are modernly equipped with irrigation systems and modern agricultural machinery and they are taken care of by experienced agronomists.

Hot processing plant

is primarily focused on the production and sale of industrial plum jam at the B2B market.

It consists of three production lines and includes the production of juices, jams and industrial jams.
→ Juice production line with a daily capacity of 63,000 l
→ Jam production line with a daily capacity of 10,000 kg
→ Production line of industrial jams with a daily capacity of 4,500 kg

Cooling plant

in which we prepare IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits.

Among our products we are particularly proud of Roland cherries (pitted and unpitted) plums (hand-cut and machine-cut), Raspberry and strawberry rollend, as well as purees are produced in cold fruit processing plant.

The daily capacity is up to 100 tons of sour cherry pitting, depending on the quality of the raw material. The daily freezing processing capacities for plum are 100 tons, 15 tons for machine cut plum, 40 tons of mash, and the daily capacity for raspberries processing is 100 t of fresh raspberries. Daily capacity for dehydrators is 80 tons.

The cold processing plant is equipped with modern lines for laser selection and sorting of berries and also has equipment for washing and rinsing fruits, conveyor belts, calibrators, sour cherries pitting plant, tunnels for quick freezing of fruit, as well as rotatives, blanchers, strainers, turbo extractors, buffer tanks, deaerator, plate exchanger, plate freezers.

Bosnaplod's cold storage (sub zero) capacity is 5,000 tons in Brčko and 2,500 tons in Begovo Han, which totals 7,500 tons of cold storage capacity.

Fruit drying plant

We use this plant to produce a finished product - dried plum.

Fruit drying line with a daily capacity of up to 6,000 kg