Bosnaplod d.o.o. Brcko has been cultivating and processing fruits since 1948. Over the time, we have developed the taste for finest fruits, so that our consumers can enjoy only the best quality products and take good care of their families and themselves.

The plant is located in Brcko BiH, on a land plot of ​​53,223 m2 with the entire necessary infrastructure. The production area covers ​​7,062 m2, storage area 6,290 m2 and the cooling capacity is 5,000 tons.

Our processing plant covers wide variety of products including jams, juices and dried fruits. Apart from the mentioned, we also provide wide range of products for industrial use, such as thermostable fillings, 100% plum paste, varieties of frozen fruit purees, deep frozen fruits such as pitted sour cherry, machine cut plums and much more.

Products list:

  • Deep-frozen fruits IQF,
  • Dried fruits,
  • Organic dried mushrooms,
  • Organic forest fruits,
  • Deep frozen purees, and
  • Final products from hot processing plant,
    • KULIN juices and jams,
    • YourNature organic juices and jams,
    • B2B,
      • Thermostable fillings,
      • Bulk plum paste

Significant investments in the processing lines boosted Bosnaplod’s production capacities to new heights, so now we can proudly say that the Bosnaplod can produce, on daily basis, 15 tons of jams, 68,000 liters of juices, 80 tons of deep-frozen final products, 12 tons of deep-frozen purees and 12 tons of dried fruits.

In addition to the production capacity, the processing plant has significant capacities for primary production of fruits – plantations of cherries, plums, apples, aronia and strawberries which cover area of 140 ha.

Bosnaplod’s constant goals are striving for excellence, bringing high quality fruit products to consumers across the globe and regaining the position as the largest producer and processor of fruits in the region. Keeping that in mind, our research team is developing new products on daily basis.